Building collaborations to advance academic inventions

At Orfenix, we are on a mission to make medicines more accessible to those who need them most. We believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality healthcare. That’s why we work to create innovative public-private partnerships that bring together doctors, patients, medical centers, NGOs, and social investors, to develop novel treatments that truly make a difference. We are committed to ensuring that all patients, no matter where they come from or what their circumstances may be, have access to the medication they need at a fair price.

Our Value Proposition

We create a new way to bring academic inventions to the patients

Many new therapeutics, treatments and therapies are developed within academia. We believe academia can bring those products all the way to the patient. At Orfenix we partner with academic experts and support the further development of the inventions, with the goal to make them accessible for patients.

We build sustainable collaborations

For the successful development of any new therapeutic, treatment or device, many different expertise are necessary. We believe in collaboration as the key to success. We identify partners, bring together experts and build sustainable collaborations. You stay involved, we just make your team stronger.


We are committed to ensuring access

To ensure access after successful development, Orfenix is fully committed to the principles of Socially Responsible Licensing, developed by the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres. In all our collaborations we work with like-minded partners and social investors. We work on achieving both a sustainable business as well as patient impact

Our Projects

A novel formulation for a rare disease

Patient One is a collaboration of academia, pharma, development and clinical experts, patient representatives and social investors, developing a novel formulation for the treatment of cystinosis, for a fair price that guarantees patient access across Europe.

Repurposing to make an impact

Haltex Therapeutics is a collaboration of public and private parties, with the goal to develop a therapy for patients with ectopic mineralization disorders. At Haltex we believe that everyone should have access to the treatment and therefore we combine the strengths of doctors, hospitals, investors, pharmaceutical companies and experts.

Medicine for Society

Medicine for Society is a platform for sustainable and affordable availability of medicines for rare diseases. Orfenix supports this knowledge platform and is involved in their projects to make specific medicines available to patients on a long-term basis.

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